Our Winery

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Tasting Room Opening Fall 2019...  We truly are Under Construction in Stonewall, Texas!


A Word from Andy, Elena & Michael,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in what we are creating at Adega Vinho! We are so excited to share our story and mission with you.

Adega Vinho Winery is a collaboration of ideas, dreams, visions and our different personalities. Our family and friends, our travels and our life experiences have all added important pieces to the mosaic we are actively growing for you in Stonewall.

Our place in the Texas Wine Country will be determined by our ability to give you a unique and memorable experience built around our fine wines and vines. Our mission at Adega Vinho is to provide you much more than a glass and a taste of our wine. The mission of creating a place that stimulates the Hill Country Wine experience through our wines, vineyards and unique spaces drives our daily effort.  Will we try to appeal to everyone? No. Absolutely not. Our family and staff will work tirelessly to keep your attention through our wine offerings and we trust that you will make Adega Vinho your choice to spend an afternoon, an evening, or an entire weekend.

From our Business Plan

Our Winery, Adega Vinho, will produce a manageable assortment of great Texas wines. Our goal is to craft a dozen or so great wines from blends to single variety estate wines. When the vintage is spectacular we will produce a single variety estate wine, and when the grapes need some help from year to year, based on our tastes, we will blend our varieties to deliver the best Texas wine design for you. Our business plan starts with the harvest of 2017 when we  produced approximately 1500 cases of wine from grapes grown by a trusted Texas High Plains Grower that exemplifies our families values. Our High Plains grape producing partner in 2017 was the Bingham Family. Our Hill Country wine production in 2017 took place at both our neighbors, Pedernales Cellars and at Yates Winery.