Our Business Plan


The PlaN

Our goal in all our endeavors at Adega Vinho is to lead an Examined Life both corporately and personally. Mission Statements are great for stating the ethos, culture, and goals, but publishing our Business Plan is a way for you, our family, friends, and fellow vinho connoisseurs to keep up with our adventure and long journey. The business plan keeps us honest, and is an adjunct to our Mission Statement, that will help ensure the mission and vision moving forward toward our future goals. 


The Plan Phase 1

The Vineyard

(2016 - 2026)

Bilger Family Vineyards is focused on becoming a self-sustaining vineyard operation with grapes grown in Stonewall and several other Texas Hill Country and High Plains locations. In the beginning, our winery will rely on grapes grown throughout the State of Texas. Our goal for the future is to control and shape our own identity through agricultural practices and vineyard techniques that insure a high quality product from vine to wine. This business model requires 10 years to reach our goal of 50+ acres under vine, and will require a commitment to mastering all levels of the vineyard industry.

The first planting of Bilger Family Vineyards in the spring and summer of 2017 marked the beginning of a long agricultural journey and timeless family business adventure. We hope you will join the Bilgers’ on this adventure and support us. From the purchase of our Vineyard property in Stonewall, Texas, through the transformation of the raw range land into trellises and vineyards, our goals are audacious. We are determined to serve a community of like-minded individuals who value family, friends, great wine, customer interaction, responsible family agriculture, hard work, relaxation and above all, fun. Yes, we love fun!


Update to Phase 1 We have added to our vineyard with the purchase of our neighbors property in April 2018. This tract adds to our frontage along FM1623 and adds 7.5 additional acres of vineyard and 5 acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country. Clearing has already started to prepare for our spring of 2019 planting.


The Plan Phase 2

Adega Vinho, our Winery


Our Winery, Adega Vinho, will produce a manageable assortment of great Texas wines. Our goal is to craft a dozen or so great wines from blends to single variety estate wines. When the vintage is spectacular we will produce a single variety estate wine, and when the grapes need some help from year to year, based on our tastes, we will blend our varieties to deliver the best Texas wine design from year to year. Our business plan starts with the harvest of 2017 when we will produce approximately 1500 cases of wine from grapes grown by a trusted Texas High Plains Grower that exemplifies our Families values. Our High Plains grape producing partner in 2017 is the Bingham Family. Our Hill Country wine production will take place at both our neighbors, Pedernales Cellars and at Ron Yates Winery.

Update to Phase 2 We are so excited to have broke ground on our Tasting Room on January 14th, 2019. Our efforts to open our doors to the public are now taking shape and we eagerly await the completion of our Tasting Room in late summer to early fall of this year! Follow our progress on Instagram!


The Plan Phase 3

the Retreats

(2017 - 2018)

Bilger Family Vineyards is located in Stonewall, Texas, home of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Ranch, the beautiful Pedernales River, pastoral rolling hills and stunning wooded oak motts with trees aging hundreds of years old. Our beautiful estate has many of these trees which provide a wonderful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the 290 Wine Corridor, below their welcome cooling outstretched branches. 

Situated just beyond the Adega Vinho tasting room and pavilion are our aptly named Retreats. The Retreats offer our guests a modern take on overnight Hill Country accommodations. Among the old oak trees and just beyond the trellises of the vineyard our modern open nature inspired Retreats offer beautiful lines, comfortable accommodations and wooded tranquility. 


The Plan Phase 4

Construction Projects


The Bilger Family is undertaking a number of construction projects over the next 18 months culminating in the opening of our Winery doors in early 2019. Tasting room, pavilion, outdoor spaces and wine production facilities will be growing from the ground, along with our vines, so stop by for a visit to view our progress.